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Ascent Finance & Consultancy (ACL 483863) is a finance and mortgage broker operating in Australia. Our aim is to act as an agent to source a suitable finance solution from a range of lenders to suit your finance requirements and objectives. This includes identifying potential loan/ lending products that may be interested in funding this activity. Despite using various matching platforms, algorithms and industry knowledge the information provided is a GUIDE ONLY.


This information provided is a guide only as it may not consider every factor that will be relevant in the lenders final decision and it only considers the limited information that has been provided. Ascent Finance does not warrant the accuracy of information provided, and it is recommended that information is confirmed with a finance broker via a full assessment/application.


At no point is any information provided via our website to be considered as an approval of finance or an official finance offer. Indicative rates provided are for information purposes only and must be confirmed on time of application and by the third party.

Additional terms and conditions are set out below.

Defined terms

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) may refer to “Ascent Finance”, “Ascent”, “our”, “us”, and “we” interchangeably. These terms apply between Ascent Finance and any subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, or representatives and the “User”, also referred to as “you”.


Disclaimer of warranty

Although Ascent Finance has taken reasonable care to ensure the reliability of any statements on our website, Ascent gives no warranty in relation to such statements or information. We expressly disclaim liability arising from persons acting or failing to act based on the information contained on our website. Ascent further disclaims any responsibility or obligation to provide updates on published information. These disclaimers explicitly extend to third-party content published on our website, whether by organisations or individuals, including (but not limited to) on our blogs, and media pages. Such content reflects the views, beliefs, and/or positions of the authors of the content, and not necessarily those of Ascent Finance.

Limitation of liability

Ascent Finance will not be held liable for any incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages arising out of, or related to, the use of the website. This will be the case even if Ascent knows or has been advised of the possibility of such damages. These damages include, but are not limited to, damage for loss or corruption of data, and interruptions to the services we provide.

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Ascent and Ascent Finance is a registered trademark the trademarks and logos contained on this Website are marks of Ascent Finance &. Consultancy Pty Ltd. Use of these trademarks are strictly prohibited except with our legal, written consent.

Accuracy of content

We have taken proper care and precautions to ensure that the information we provide on this Website is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee, nor do we accept any legal liability arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of anything contained on this Website or on any linked site.

On Occasion, Ascent Finance’s website may contain links to websites of third parties. These third-party websites are not under Ascent’s control, and we disclaim responsibility for any content provided on a third-party website. Reference on our website to any products, services or other information (by use of name, logo or otherwise) does not always constitute endorsement of such products, services or information. Your correspondence and/or business dealings direct with third-parties found on or through our website are solely between you and such third-parties, and you agree that Ascent Finance will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising through such correspondence or business dealings.

The information contained on this Website should not take the place of any formal professional advice.

Information Collection

Use of information you have provided us with, or that we have collected and retained relating to your use of the Website and/or our Services, is governed by our Privacy Policy. For further information about the collection and use of information provided by you in the course of using this website and Ascent Finance services, please read our Privacy Policy on this website. By using this Website and the Services associated with this Website, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

Information submitted by you is undertaken to be accurate information and you accept responsibility for harm or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the provision of inaccurate information, whether submitted in good faith, negligently, or wilfully. You understand that the information submitted will be used to provide a suitable loan option and any information incorrectly provided may result in incorrect lending options.

Any illegal or fraudulent information discovered will be reported to any governing legal party or authority. It is a crime to act as or use another person’s or business’s name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc.

General Advice Warning

The website services provided by Ascent Finance are to be used as a guide only. We explicitly provide no guarantee as to the price/rate offered by a lender to an applicant, nor provide any guarantee as to approval by a lender. Time to funding and product features are also general guides and not guarantees. Rates may change and products may no longer become available also lender requirements and supporting documentation can change at any time.

Ascent Finance and its staff and brokers assume no responsibility for actions or omissions to act based on any information, services, or other material on our website. It is the sole discretion of Ascent Finance and our lending partners to process any application or action any enquiry. Once again at no point is any information provided via our website to be considered as an approval of finance or an official finance offer.

Effective application of this agreement

This agreement is effective upon your acceptance of this agreement, which occurs through use of our website and/or services. To reiterate and remove doubt, usage also constitutes agreement to our Privacy Policy available on our website.