Aviation & Marine Finance Specialists

Aviation Finance

With the constant updates in aviation industry regulation and the changing lending mandates from current and new financing organisations, keeping on top of the aircraft finance sector is a full-time occupation. Working with Ascent Finance & Consultancy gives clients access to this evolving network and experience.

Ascent Finance’s dedicated Aviation and Marine finance specialists take the time to understand our clients needs, before delivering the most appropriate solution for their purchase or refinance that is tailored to each asset class.

Known for their specialist insight and commercial awareness, our advisers guide our clients through the available finance options for their aviation asset, we help navigate the complex process of lending every stage, freeing time for you to maintain focus on your  business. It is through diligent project management and following a strict methodology that we can ensure an unrivalled level of customer service will see a smooth transaction through to take off! 


  • Understand the Client and financing objectives
  • Collate Client and asset information


  • Understand the most suitable current market options and advise you
  • Negotiate
  • Strike the best terms for our clients with the chosen lender


  • Form credit case
  • Secure credit approval
  • Create legal documentation
  • Close/drawdown transaction


  • Remain active in the relationship between the lender and the Client throughout the term of the loan and ongoing.

Marine Finance

Our specialist marine broker team supports our clients by providing the best financing rates and the easiest processes to get you into your new marine leisure asset faster and smoother. Whether you want a new jet ski or a multimillion-dollar yacht, we can assist you in getting the best boat loans possible!

Whether it’s a boat for personal or business use, Ascent Finance will get you a great deal on boat finance with a loan that is tailored to your financial situation.

We ensure that you will get a loan with a competitive rate loan for new and used vessels with flexible loan terms.

The Ascent Finance difference:

Access to specialist lenders

We have over 40 plus lenders that specialise in marine finance, so there is always a finance option to suit your finance requirements.

Personalised service like no other

Buying a marine craft has never been easier with Ascent Finance, We work for you ensuring we secure you the best deal, every time!

On going support

We are all about building long term relationships, offering support before, during and after your purchase.

So don’t wait, Contact us today and let’s get started!