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Our Approach

Our approach is all about relationships, we start by building a strong rapport, gaining your trust over time  by developing both a business and personal relationship with you and your family. We understand your time as a professional is limited, so having a trusted financial specialist to ensure you are getting the best care of your financial interests is just as important.

We are the second opinion, safeguarding that the financial decisions you are making are always in your best interest, and you are getting the best value. We will organise and review all your current Banking, Investment and Accounting relationships and ensure they are in your best interests.

Can you remember the last time your Private Banker or Financial Advisor contacted you about a better rate or better investment opportunity?

As your personal advisor, Ascent Finance and Consultancy will provide you with these updates, ensure you are always getting the best deal and rates, saving you across all areas of your financial interests and allowing you to do what you do best, patient care.

Enjoy the level of personal service, expertise and care you deserve, yet often missing from your banking, investment and accounting relationships, we go on your entire journey with you.

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